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Sailing in Solent

 ASTO Small Ships Race -
 Cowes - Friday
 3rd to 5th October 2008

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Overseas Events

Participants from Worldwide

 Worldwide Dive & Sail
 announces a sailing voyage
 from Dumaguete to Cebu in
 Southern Visayason for a
 group of deaf people & hard
 of hearing to take part in
 Scuba diving board SY
 Philippine Siren 16 to 28
 August 2010

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Participants from Dering Employment Services

 Dering Employment Services
 announces its sponsorship
 for a group of eight people
 to take part in LSP's first
 voyage on 5 - 9 May 2008

 See more about Dering

  The Offshore Cruising by Rona Sailing Project (London Sailing Project)
Updated: 28-Feb-2007  

The Helen Mary R, a 57' classic ketch was bought by Lord Amory, then Chancellor of the Exchequer, in the 1960's for the London Sailing Project, which he had formed to take parties of young sea cadets from London to sea.

The London Sailing Project now runs the Helen Mary R and two other ketches and takes young people from Scouts, Guides, colleges, sailing clubs, Youth Offending Teams, Social Services and care homes to sea. The London Sailing Project (LSP) extended in 1992 to run voyages for Deaf people.

"The aim is to provide, through the medium of sea training in offshore craft, opportunities for young people and people with disabilities, to acquire those attributes of a seaman, namely a sense of responsibility, resourcefulness and team-work, which will help them throughout their lives."

Helen Mary R in the Solent

Built in 1986, Helen Mary R is Bowman Ketch 57 feet long with 23 berths, of which up to 15 berths can be allocated to the deaf, and the rest being filled by experienced crew, who are on hand to help and who come from London Sailing Project.

However, we have at least one communicator on board qualified in sign language. The Skipper and Afterguard are experienced in running voyages for deaf people.

You all will sleep, work and rest on the Helen Mary R which will be your floating home for the whole duration of your trip! You will sail in the Solent, where you will experience a vast area of tidal sea between the mainland and the Isle of Wight in a safer sailing environment.

You are most likely to visit the Isle of Wight during any weekend trip, but if you are on a seven days trip, you may get a chance to sail across the English Channel to visit France and Channel Islands as long as the weather permits.

You will learn all aspects of seamanship, above and below deck including preparing meals for 22 hungry crews and the skipper!

Please click any of the coded voyages below to book or query, or click the booking request form here to enter your contact details and email to the booking office.

For those of you who are the first time to London Sailing Project or want to enter the Tall Ship Race 2008, please, click the important note here to read.



Date (2008)

Start Time (hrs)

Finish Time (hrs)


Berth Fee inc food


Mon 5th - Fri 9th May



Helen Mary R



Mon 8th - Sun 14th September



Rona II



Fri 3rd - Sun 5th October



Helen Mary R



  The Offshore Cruising by Rona Sailing Project (London Sailing Project)