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Sailing in Solent

 ASTO Small Ships Race -
 Cowes - Friday
 3rd to 5th October 2008

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Overseas Events

Participants from Worldwide

 Worldwide Dive & Sail
 announces a sailing voyage
 from Dumaguete to Cebu in
 Southern Visayason for a
 group of deaf people & hard
 of hearing to take part in
 Scuba diving board SY
 Philippine Siren 16 to 28
 August 2010

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Participants from Dering Employment Services

 Dering Employment Services
 announces its sponsorship
 for a group of eight people
 to take part in London Sailing
 Project's first voyage
 on 5 - 9 May 2008

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  Jubilee Sailing Trust's Canary Islands trip - January 2006

Melanie Clark, Mags and Mike Adams-Aston flew down to the warm climate of the Canary Islands in January 2006 to aboard Jubilee Sailing Trust's Lord Nelson at the unexpected invitation of the crew of this Tall Ship.

Melanie acted as a communicator for both Mags and Mike, who has himself sailed aboard Lord Nelson several times in the past.

The crew wanted to learn the basic Deaf Awareness Training from them, as they wanted to know how to communicate better with deaf participants aboard Lord Nelson, one of its Tall Ship fleet.

They cruised from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria to San Sebastian, La Gomera via Puerto Cement Rio and from there back to Las Palmas via Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 8 days including 9 night hours.

It was a very enjoyable week for all in ideal winter sailing conditions.

At one time, they learnt to climb up the rigging on the ratline to reach a crow’s nest on the main mast, which must have been a terrifying experience for some. Unfortunately for Melanie, she was virtually paralysed and had to stay in the nest until a permanent crew rescued her!


Every time we were on shore, the whole crew (except those on night watch) went out for evening drinks at a bar, and learnt more challenging sign language lessons from Mags and Mike due to background noises.

We have completed editing the Deaf Awareness DVD for Jublilee Sailing Trust to enable their permanent crew to keep up their signing practice! It is hoped that JST will launch its first DVD at Southampton Boat Show in near future.

Mags & Mike Adams-Aston


  Jubilee Sailing Trust's Canary Islands trip - January 2006