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Sailing in Solent

 ASTO Small Ships Race -
 Cowes - Friday
 3rd to 5th October 2008

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Overseas Events

Participants from Worldwide

 Worldwide Dive & Sail
 announces a sailing voyage
 from Dumaguete to Cebu in
 Southern Visayason for a
 group of deaf people & hard
 of hearing to take part in
 Scuba diving board SY
 Philippine Siren 16 to 28
 August 2010

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Participants from Dering Employment Services

 Dering Employment Services
 announces its sponsorship
 for a group of eight people
 to take part in LSP's first
 voyage on 5 - 9 May 2008

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  Social Releases 2009
Updated: 28-Feb-2007  

DSUK Fundraising Event at Sussex Yacht Club - November 2009

Deaf Sailing UK announces a fundraising dinner event for the competitive price of £25 for a three course meal at Sussex Yacht Club on 28th November 2009 to raise funds for the future DSUK team entry for regional and national sailing events. It will include a Round the British Isles presentation and a professional belly dancing performance.

This follows our successful race in Cowes Week for the fourth consecutive year.

Please contact Shauna Taylor on to get a booking form to book a seat for three course meal for £25 or click here
to fill out the form and send off via email to her.


DSUK's DVD launch onboard Jubilee Sailing Trust's Lord Nelson at Southampton Boat Show - September

DSUK are holding the launch release in conjunction with Jubilee Sailing Trust of its BSL and subtitles edition of DVD on seamanship, safety and roping onboard Jubilee Sailing Trust's flagship training tall ship, Lord Nelson. It was the result of the work of Mike Aston, Mags Aston-Adam, and Melanie Clark, from DSUK when they were invited by JST to sail with the permanent crew on the Canary Island in January 2006.

The DVD is being promoted to assist the JST crew with basic BSL signs on essential parts of the ship, and basic communication with deaf crew board Lord Nelson on any trip in North Europe and in Mediterranean. It launch starts at 2pm on Sunday 13th September, on the ship's first day at the show, and the public can access to view the launch during their tour.

The DVDs are being on sale on JST merchandise in the Solent Hall throughout the show, and the profit will be shared between DSUK and JST. Please read the article here.


Sonar Party at East Cowes Marina, Isles of Wight - August

DSUK crew are gathering with other Black Group and White Group competitors and dsuk supporters to celebrate their own Sonar party as part of their involvement in the Cowes Week regatta, on Thursday August 6th 2009 at Lifeboat restaurant, East Cowes, Isles of Wight.


Evening meal at Carluccio restaurant in Walton-on-Thames - June

This evening meal marks a successful third laser dinghy session at Queen Mary Sailing Club for DSUK members on 27th June 2009.


London 2009 Dinghy Sailing Show - March

The Dinghy Sailing Show, the largest show in the world for the dinghy sailing, will be held at Alexander Palace in London on 2 - 3 March 2009 to mark the start of the dinghy sailing season



 Social Releases

Mike Aston, DSUK's Press Officer, is responsible for promoting the Club’s activities to the wider community, and issues a number of Social Releases throughout the year.

If you see any articles on deaf sailor(s) in your local or national paper, or yachting press, then please keep a copy for the officer who maintain a club record of all news cuttings.

  Social Releases 2009